The Void

I shall be eternally grateful that I never doubted.  I know that when Marshall and Bonnie told us that the spacecraft was coming, and described how we must prepare to meet it, some in our group were nervous.  But not me.  I knew a day such as this would come ever since I was a little girl.  I was ready.  Maybe that’s why Marshall asked me to be one of the last.

We began planning on the eve of the winter solstice when Marshall was contacted by the spaceship.  The travelers told him that they were making their way to Earth to rescue us before our planet was recycled, and that they were hiding behind the comet so as to avoid detection.  They would be close enough for us to send our souls to them around the time of the coming equinox.

These last few months have been busy as we continued programming while at the same time crafting our plans to leave.  Neither our clients nor anyone else on Earth knew what we were really doing, and while we held great sympathy for them, we felt tremendous joy in our coming salvation.

Finally, it was time.  Hale-Bopp was nearing its perihelion and was at its closet point to Earth.  Our saviors had told Marshall that they could board no more than fifteen of us each day, so we divided ourselves into three groups.  Bonnie would be among the first, and Marshall would go with the last.  He afforded me honor by asking me to place the shrouds, and also to disembark with him on the third night.

That first night was especially poignant as we ate our pudding after our communal dinner.  While it was hard not to be envious of the fifteen who ate the specially prepared bowls, we were all equally joyous as we knew that our souls would soon be reunited.  In the morning, I placed the purple shrouds upon the fifteen whose souls had traveled to the Next Level.

The following day’s events mirrored those of the First Departure, and again, in the morning I placed the shrouds on the bodies of those whose souls had traveled to the spacecraft.

Finally, last night, the rest ate the pudding, although I was to wait a few more hours since it was my job to place the shroud on Marshall. Just past midnight, once everyone’s souls had left, I finally was able to eat my special serving.

And now it is sunrise, and as I look out the window I see the edges of the world start to fade.  It’s not simply that it’s darkening – it’s actually vanishing into nothingness!  Each moment there is less and less of it!  Now, the void is consuming the yard, now the house, now this room, soon my body.  I wait for my soul to leave my body, to go into the void, and rush toward those waiting on the ship.  I am so very blessed to know such immensely profound joy!


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