Intro to Of Sins and Ash

In case anyone was wondering why the posts have slowed way down, well, there’s two reasons:

First, I started looking into publishing some of these stories and came to learn that most places won’t take submissions if they’ve been previously published.  And believe it or not, even a little personal site like this counts as “previously published” to most of them. Wow. Does that mean I can call myself a published author now, LOL!  So anyway, I stopped posting for a while thinking that I would try to save stories to submit elsewhere. I’m not so sure about that approach anymore, so we’ll see…

Second, I’ve spent a lot of my writing time lately working on a little story that grew out of one of the Writers Digest prompts (you may recognize the first chapter as the story titled The Box). I kept adding to it each week and now the whole thing is posted under Of Sins and Ash up at the top menu (and since you only get alerts for new posts, not new pages, I’m letting you know about it via this post). Even though each “chapter” is way over the short word count that the Writers Digest site sets for posts, I tried hard to keep the various chapters brief.  The result is that I feel like there could have been a lot more depth to this story, so I’ve decided to go back and rewrite the whole thing as a novel.  Again, we’ll see.

And there you have it…

Enjoy the stories, and stay well!


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