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Pete Shelkin’s day job is working as an IT professional in the healthcare industry.  Sure, there’s a bit of writing involved, but it’s all plans, reports, budgets, stuff like that.  In other words, there’s not a lot of opportunity to get wildly creative when it comes to how Pete spends most of his time.  Then one day Pete’s wife convinced him to take up “a creative hobby” to try to become more “balanced”.  Or maybe she was just trying to keep him busy and out of trouble when he was home after work?  Either way, Pete took up writing.

He discovered that he liked it.  He’d always had an interest in writing fiction, but somehow never really pursued it.  But now that he was becoming more “balanced” he found that he enjoyed it enough to make time for it.  Given that his job involves a lot of travel, Pete actually found it easy to make time for writing.  Nearly everything posted on this site was written on an airplane or in a hotel room.

It wasn’t long before most interactions with Pete involved e-mails, printouts, and just plain shouts across the room that basically revolve around: “Hey, read this and tell me what you think”!  In other words, things were getting out of balance again.  And so Pete decided to create this blog and just post everything here.  That way he can pretend that everyone with Internet access is a fan, and he can go back to more “balanced” interactions with the real people in his life.

Hopefully you will enjoy these stories!

PS:  Many people have asked about where the handle UnclePizza came from.  Pete will tell you that around twenty years ago, when the kids were living at home, he used to make pizza at least once a week.  He made it from scratch, using homemade sourdough crust, sauce that he seasoned himself, the works.  His niece took to calling him Uncle Pizza, and for some reason when he had to come up with a handle for posting stuff on web sites that was what came to mind.  Nothing too interesting, really, but now you know…


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